Nicholas A. Lynchard, Ph.D.

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Hello and welcome to my professional webspace. My name is Nick Lynchard, and I am a psychology professor with a passion for innovative instruction and outcomes assessment. I am available for teaching/administrative opportunities, assessment/data-management consulting, and speaking engagements.

I conduct research in cognitive development, and teach both face-to-face and online courses in Introductory Psychology, Memory & Learning, Child Development, Adolescent Development, Lifespan Development, and Information Literacy. Just beneath my picture to the left, you can listen to a recent radio broadcast featuring my research as well as sample classroom lectures.

Using my background in data collection and methodology, I have developed an intuitive strategy to assess Student and Program Outcomes called TLOS (pronounced like "telos"). This strategy not only works more efficiently and with less tedious tabulation than other methods, it does so without the use of standardized final exams, data-management software, artificially selected items from tests, or lengthy tabulations. The TLOS strategy has been successfully implemented in many common academic programs at the Associate's Degree level as well as in a Developmental Learning Program. It has also been instrumental in Accreditation Team Visits, submission of Monitoring Reports, Strategic Planning, and the removal of a college's Warning Status concerning compliance with MSCHE Standards 7 and 14.

By clicking through the menu above, you can find a showcase of some of my work, including my CV, publications, faculty/student evaluations, and assessment information, among other things. If you are interested in discussing any of this information, please click here to contact me. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.